ITarian Release
Release Date:
This document contains notes about the ITarian Platform release for 20 September 2023.
The release schedule will be as follows:
  • US Region - Release will start on Wednesday 20th September 2023 at 1AM EDT
  • EU Region - Release will start on Thursday 21st September 2023 at 6AM BST
  • All Regions - Release will start on Thursday 21st September 2023 at 1AM EDT
The release is expected to take 30 minutes to deploy, during that time the platform will be under maintenance mode, where you may observe minor glitches. If you observe any issues, please feel free to share with us.
Portal (PSA)
New Features
  • ITA-325 - Software Report. New software report that was requested by our feedback system, full details can be found here. Summary is that this report gives you an audit of device and software installed in CSV format.
  • ITA-343 - Endpoint Manager menu changes. A new cleaner and clearer list of sub items for Endpoint Manager in the Applications menu.
  • ITA-344 - Shortcut menu changes. Removing the old un-used shortcuts and cleaning up the recent dashboard and getting started icons.
Endpoint Manager
  • Nothing for this release.
New Features
  • ITA-439 - Chat Profile Settings – On/Off. Provide the ability to turn on/off the chat feature via profile.
  • ITA-124 - Remote Tools Windows event viewer. New remote tool for RMM licensed devices allowing remote viewing of the Microsoft Windows Event Viewer.
  • ITA-28 - Task Queue for device. Improved task descriptions allowing procedure and task identification.
  • The data storage unit (in KBs) within the 'Script Analysis' section is now added.
  • ITA-46 - Alerts in RMM cannot see SDv2 departments for tickets. When configuring alerts to create tickets, the departments did not always display.
  • ITA-159 - Offline monitor gives online alert when assigned. When you assigned an offline alert monitor to a device for the first time, you receive an alert / ticket saying the device is “online” even when already online.
New Features
  • ITA-363 - Assign Android applications via profile. Ability to add applications to your store, then assign them to a device via profiles. More details can be found in our breaking features announcement.
Service Desk (SD)
  • ITA-594 -- Unable to unban users on Service Desk v2. When a user was banned in SDv2 staff were unable to un-ban them.
Total NOC Support (TNS)
  • Nothing for this release.
  • Please make sure you read our breaking features announcement for Android MDM devices.
  • Release notes and product updates can be found on our feedback website with PDF versions made available on our forum.
Comodo Client Security(XCS) / Xcitium Containment (XC)
New Features
  • ITA-375 - Xcitium Containment Predefined Profile. New predefined template from Xcitium for their containment only setup. Template can be used for quick use or cloned allowing customisation.
MSSP Platform / Security Operations Centre (SOCaaP)
  • Nothing for this release.
Secure Email Gateway (SEG)
  • End of Life
Secure Internet Gateway (SIG)
  • End of Life
  • Nothing for this release.